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Restoring a Fire Damaged House in Centennial Park

We had fully restored a 15-year-old and fire-damaged house in Centennial Park with our advanced and professional techniques on rejuvenating natural stone materials.

Leo & Liz were impressed and happy with what we have done for their fire-damaged property. They have asked for quotes from a number of stone restoration team around the area but couldn’t find any who can solve their problem. Until I check their property and explain to them the process, we would be doing to restore their over a decade and severely damaged house fully.

If you’re in Sydney, The Central Coast or Newcastle and looking for professional stone restoration experts – call us today on 02 9216 9002.

We have the skills to restore any fire-damaged houses and businesses.


Tile & Stone Specialist Sydney, The Central Coast and Newcastle

At the age of 20, Dean Stevens began a business not knowing how to use emails, explore the inbox or write up an invoice precisely. However, Dean knew one thing, and that was he wanted to be the best in his chosen journey which is to provide cleaning assistance to every client he comes across. He is genuinely passionate about offering a customised service that no other could come close to, and he wanted 100% customer satisfaction with every job he finished. Since that day, 15+ years ago Dean still has those exact dreams for his business, the only difference is:

  • He is recognized and certified by the two most significant organisations, ITI Australia and Klindex Australia.
  • Dean has been highlighted in Australians largest cleaning magazine (In Clean) for having fantastic service with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Over 35 years’ experience as Stone Restoration and Tile Cleaning Specialists in Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle.
  • Support a wide range of clientele in Sydney to the Central Coast including distinctive homeowners, master builders, interior designers, design centres, and many more.

Note: We are open for business while taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Featured by Australian National Construction

Exceptional Stone Cleaning


Rejuvenation Solutions is one of only few Australian companies Certified in all 5:
Aqua-mix Drytreat Actichem Lithofin Miracle Sealant

Rejuvenation Solutions is one of only few Australian companies Certified in all 5:

  • Aqua-mix
  • Drytreat
  • Actichem
  • Lithofin
  • Miracle Sealant

Our Process

Our team is certified to handle all types of stone polishing projects. If you need help on limestone cleaning, grinding, polishing or sealing – feel free to call Rejuvenation Solutions at 02 9216 9002.


ITI Certified - Rejuvenation Specialist

Certified through one of the largest organisations - ITI Australia

Klindex Certified - Rejuvenation Specialist

Been featured in Australians largest cleaning magazine (In Clean) for having such fantastic service with 100% customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Certified through one of the largest organisations - KLINDEX Australia




Certified stone restoration specialists though the two largest organisations ITI and Klindex Australia



100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! No fuss. No gimmick.



More than 35 years’ experience in providing rejuvenation services all throughout Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle Australia.



We proudly accommodate a wide-range of clientele in Sydney all throughout the central coast.



We guarantee that we only use high-quality products, delivering excellent results - first time, every time.



We are proud to offer FREE quotes for all our clients throughout Sydney, The Central Coast & Newcastle.


Everyone in my family is impressed with the clean tiles. Troy couldn’t believe the difference when he got home. I loved the front entry, what you did has given it a lift. You and Albert were very professional, and I would highly recommend your services to anyone. I have been telling all my friends about it. Good luck in the future with your business and family.

Belinda and Troy

Thanks again to you and Alberto. It looks great, and you’ve provided excellent service with the whole way through. If I get the opportunity, I will certainly recommend you. I contacted four companies, and you’ve put the other 3 to shame, so I’m more than happy to help promote your business.

Kate Troup - Elizabeth Bay


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