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At the age of 20, Dean Stevens began a business not knowing how to use emails, explore the inbox or write up an invoice precisely. However, Dean knew one thing, and that was he wanted to be the best in his chosen journey which is to provide cleaning assistance to every client he comes across. He is genuinely passionate about offering a customised service that no other could come close to, and he wanted 100% customer satisfaction with every job he finished. Since that day, 15+ years ago Dean still have the exact dreams for his business, the only difference is:

- He is recognized and certified by the two most significant organisations, ITI Australia and Klindex Australia.

- Dean has been highlighted in Australians largest cleaning magazine (In Clean) for holding such a fantastic service with 100% customer satisfaction.

- Over 35 years’ experience as Restoration Specialists in Sydney.

- Support a wide range of clientele in Sydney to the Central Coast including distinctive homeowners, master builders, interior designers, design centres, and many more.

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FREE Stone Restoration Consultation (Valued at $195)

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