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5 Ways A Bathroom Rejuvenation Can Make Your Bathroom Look Brand New!

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The bathroom is an essential part of our home. Despite how careful we are when it comes to caring for our bathrooms, they will eventually look worn-out and soiled over time. If your bathroom is currently giving you a lot of problems due to its wear-and-tear, having a new bathroom from scratch will definitely cost you a lot of effort and time. And this is where we come in. At Rejuvenation Solutions, we strive to give your bathroom a brand new look using high-quality equipment and products! Don’t believe us? We have prepared a rundown of 5 ways a bathroom rejuvenation can make your bathroom look brand new. 

High-pressure Steam Clean 

More often than not, people take grand steps to have their bathrooms look like it’s newly put up. This costs a lot of endeavor on their part, especially if the right solutions are not met. To have your bathroom look brand new, what usually needs to be done is a high-pressure stream clean. This process includes water temperatures above 110°c and biodegradable cleaning products to remove all surface soiling, staining and imperfections. You will never expect how such a process can give your bathroom a refreshing and clean look like never before! 

At Rejuvenation Solutions, we provide high-pressure steam clean solutions that are carried out by certified rejuvenation specialists who are capable of rendering 100% service satisfaction. Our high-pressure steam clean services are backed with high-quality products & equipment that will surely produce long-lasting results. 

Epoxy Re-Grouting 

What makes a bathroom look brand new usually lies on its underlying features, such as the condition of its grouting. Having your bathroom undergo a re-grouting process not only gives your bathroom a cleaner look, but it also gives a preventive solution against further stains. This is the reason why epoxy re-grouting is a practical way of giving your bathroom a newer look. 

Our team at Rejuvenation Solutions offers the best epoxy re-grouting services for your bathrooms. Such a process needs to be applied a lot quicker than normal grout as it dries up a lot quicker, although it requires more work to apply. Residue needs to be removed within 20 minutes of application and excess will be repeatedly washed away with a cleaning solution.

There can be excess fumes during the process and all necessary precautions will be explained and utilized during the process. Having all of these said, we ensure that our company is capable of accomplishing your epoxy re-grouting needs in an efficient manner. After all, we strive to give your bathroom a much cleaner look with 100% attention to details. 

Improved Lighting 

In achieving a brand new look for your bathroom, the answer commonly lies in your lighting. Indeed, enhancing the lighting of your bathroom can give off a contemporary ambience, and a tone that will suit whatever you want your bathroom to look (and feel) like. For optimum results, lighting is best paired with the materials you use in your bathroom. After all, no matter how great your lighting plans are, such an initiative will not look great if it doesn’t work well with the materials you have in your bathroom. 

At Rejuvenation Solutions, we offer granite to marble services for your bathroom to match your lighting needs, too! We believe that having more natural light in your bathroom works well with natural colour schemes. We will be discussing this process on the next item. 

Colour Scheme Matters 

Don’t be scared to play with the colour scheme that you want in your bathroom. At Rejuvenation Solutions, we provide a wide variety of tile & stone restoration services that offer different colour schemes to give your bathroom a newer look. From stone, marble, all the way through granite, expect a wide span of colour choices for your bathroom rejuvenation needs. 

Choose A Bathroom Rejuvenation Company That Cares 

Finally, your bathroom rejuvenation solutions for a brand new look will not be possible without a team that genuinely cares for your bathroom as much as you do. At Rejuvenation Solutions, we ensure a complete bathroom rejuvenation service right from the initial assessment all the way through the completion process. With our over 35 years of experience in the industry, expect a hassle-free transaction and 100% service satisfaction from us. 

To experience the best bathroom rejuvenation solutions for your bathroom’s newer look, give us a call today on 📞 02 9216 9002. We are excited to be working with you as our client. 

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