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Granite is a popular choice when selecting natural stone tiles due to its durability, longevity and the wonderful range of light reflecting effects produced by this beautiful stone which makes it a very appealing to the eye adding value to your home.  Granite tiles can be used for flooring and staircases, walls, kitchen and bathroom surfaces as well as many other inside and outside facades.


Granite is a wide-spread type of intrusive igneous rock that has granular texture formed by the large and visible crystals of quartz, alkali feldspar and mica. It is formed beneath the earth's surface at depths up to 50 km by the slow cooling of magma. 

Granite is one of the easiest stones to clean and maintain and is resistant to absorbing most moisture and liquids, however like all stones it still can be affected  by etching/scratches, scuff marks, efflorescence and discolouration. 


There are a number of ways your granite surface can be worked on, depending on your issue and Rejuvenation Solutions is certified and qualified for fixing any of the above-mentioned problems.

Granite Restoration

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We are skilled in cleaningpolishing, restoring (grinding) protecting and sealing your granite surface. 

Rejuvenation Solutions is one of the very few licences Miracle  applicators in Australia and we perform most of our work using their products.

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Certified stone restoration specialists through the two largest organisations ITI and Klindex Australia.


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