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Limestone is an extremely popular choice of stone for your interior and exterior residential and commercial buildings and can be used as floor and wall tiles, as large slabs for cladding, for table tops as well as modified items such as staircases, fire surrounds and even alters.  Limestone adds that high quality feel, adding value to your building and a popular choice for warmer climates as it has the propensity to remain cool. Limestone consists mainly of calcium carbonate and is a sedimentary rock, which is made up of marine organisms from the bottom of the ocean. 


Limestone is quite porous and therefore, prone to absorbing moisture and liquids. Limestone is also susceptible to etching/scratches, scuff marks, efflorescence, salt damage, mould, discolouration and erosion. 

There are a number of ways your limestone surface can be worked on, depending on your issue and Rejuvenation Solutions is certified and qualified for fixing any of the above-mentioned problems.

Limestone Restorre

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We are skilled in cleaning, polishing, restoring (grinding) protecting and sealing your limestone surface. 

Rejuvenation Solutions is one of the very few licenced Miracle  applicators in Australia and we perform most of our work using their products. 

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