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How to restore your fire damaged house

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Fires starting in your home are very devastating. No matter the size of the fire, the damage will be a substantial amount. You would now like to restore your home after the damage. We will take a look at some of the steps required to restore your home. Please note that it is important that you don’t attempt the restoration yourself as it may be dangerous. Hire professionals to do it, or at the very least assist you in the restoration. Let’s take a look at some of the restoration steps.

Confirm the Property Is Stabilised and Is Safe To Enter

This is the most important step before you and the professionals enter. The property may not be stable enough to enter and could collapse on all of you if you’re not careful. The professionals will carry out the inspection and look for signs of structural damage before deeming the building safe to enter.

Remove Soot and Debris

Before the fire restoration process can begin, all soot and debris must be removed from the house. The soot causes more damage the longer it remains on a surface and the debris will just get in the way of the restoration process. Additionally, removing the soot and debris will improve the air quality and prevent any airborne diseases while the restoration takes place. A vacuum can be used to remove some of the remaining soot, or it can be swept up or wiped down.

Begin Deodorizing, Deep Cleaning and Removing Stains

When inspecting the damage, it is important to know which items can be salvaged, through a deep clean, and which items are better off being replaced. Professionals may use specific cleaning products depending on what needs to be cleaned and deodorized. They will take a look at how much mildew, mould, and smoke has penetrated the surface when picking the right cleaning product for the job.

Carpets, curtains, and other fabrics usually need special attention because they tend to damage the most during a fire. Sometimes the carpets can be restored by shampooing and washing them, and curtains and other fabrics can just be washed or cleaned. You should be able to determine what is salvageable by doing a quick inspection. The professionals will update you during the whole process to decide what can be rescued.

Fire damage has devastating effects on your home. It is extremely important that you hire a team of professionals to assist you in the restoration process. Professionals can advise on the structural stability of the home, the tools and cleaning products to use when restoring a home, and they can help speed up the restoration.

If you live in either Sydney, Central Coast, or Newcastle Australia and are in need of home restoration, then Rejuvenation Solutions is the team to call at 02 9216 9002. Or, reach out to them on their website and begin your home restoration.

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